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    1. We are FUJI MACHINERY, an Automatic Packaging Machinery Company

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      Why Customers Keep Choosing Us

      World-Renowned Product and Sales Network

      The Best Global Network in the World

      FUJI Machinery is a global company with a network of 6 international subsidiaries and 29 international distributors.
      We collect information about top class packaging machinery new advancements around the world, and work closely together to export packaging machinery to various countries.

      Made in Japan Quality Recognized Worldwide

      Do you ever appreciate the quality of Japanese packaging when you see packaging from other countries?
      In addition to the fine quality of the packaging, our high versatility and durability are recognized throughout the world, earning us the phrase "as expected of Made in Japan."

      Global Expansion

      Our packaging machinery is recognized throughout the world, with our full distribution network bringing more international exports of our products, so that international exports have increased 189% since 10 years ago (comparison of fiscal years 2005 and 2014.)