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    We are FUJI MACHINERY, an Automatic Packaging Machinery Company

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    Why Customers Keep Choosing Us

    Industry-Leading Reliability

    Support that Utilizes the Company's Scale

    We have kept FUJI Machinery in the black since our establishment 70 years ago.
    Utilizing our stable financial base, we can secure stock for short-term delivery and respond to demands for large orders of packaging machines exceeding 100 units.

    A Major Company in the Packaging Machinery Industry

    Among the more than 400 packaging machinery companies in Japan, our sales are at the top of the industry.

    Broad customer base in a stable industry

    Since a lot of packaging is needed in daily life and for distribution, the packaging machinery industry is less susceptible to changes in the economy, making it more stable than the automobile or machine tool industries.
    We deal with a wide variety of customers of over 5,000 companies, including customers that provide major products that can often be seen in supermarkets and convenience stores, giving us a stable revenue base.